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I'm not one to run in place even though I know y'all feel the bern
I'm stumped that your trumped I swear to go you'll never learn
so take a hike or take a cruz
or take a hit of this acid and turn off the news

no sir no sense in hoping no smarts in voting when stupid people make up the majority I'm perfectly content in my one-party sovereignty where i'm my own authority

every four years manufactured new fears
laughable campaigns sad followers with shit for brains
disingenuous emotions propagandized commotion at the rate we're going we mine as well just walk hand in hand into the ocean
apathetic features infantile creatures in the ways you need to be spoon fed I got knowledge at my leisure i am the student and the teacher in the ways I need not to be lead

brother suburbanite stop posing as that with a hazmat
have a little faith in your local hood rat
uncle sam you keep waving them false flags
If i am you and you are me those attack-tics were meant to be
I'm not good at math I don't understand division no borders no nations;the accolades of provision
so find me me unpatriotic 'cause I find 'Waring for peace' psychotic

I'm astral projecting, taking time to study what we've been neglecting,
so keep on voting keep investing I'll keep singing 3D blues and leaving out of body body clues

cute story cute tie mr. president i love the way you lie,
the way you campaign to end the war then go on to start 3 more and then go on to win the nobel prize
I gotta handed it to you your charade is fucking brilliant, under the gun with all the swag god damn that war-pig is unlawfully resilient

tune in to the "idiot box daily"
make sure you become informed on what to get angry about
i don't know if you've been on the internet lately
cynical cunts who think they got it all figured out;
that's when i punch up and outta my body
head out to clear my head in the astral lobby
back in when i'm ready to laugh a good vibe off my chest

(screaming bout political opinions rendering pointless)your god damn right this man here's a hypo critic
don't read between the lines just read the lyrics(but i just cant seem to keep my opinions to myself)
you're god damn right this man here's a hypo critic
don't read between the lines just read the lyrics

I'm astral projecting taking time to study what we've been neglecting
so keep on voting keep investing i'll keep singing 3D blues and leaving out-of-body clues body clues


from Homeless Romantic, released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Partywolfe Providence, Rhode Island

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